The Women's March on Washington in pictures – CNET


Women’s March on Washington Organizers say more than 500,000 people came to the Women’s March on Washington, DC to protest the policies of the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump. Crowds along Independence Avenue where the rally was held were shoulder to shoulder. Mobile internet service was jammed from 10 a.m. …

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Women's March overwhelms mobile network in DC – CNET


Hundreds of thousands of women came to Washington, DC to protest against President Trump’s policies. CNET/Marguerite Reardon The idea for the Women’s March on Washington to protest Donald Trump’s presidency may have started as a Facebook post, but for anyone actually at the march on Saturday sharing their experience on …

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For dramatic VR to succeed, music must become the director


We’ve all experienced music’s power to change our mood or drum up feelings of nostalgia, fear or excitement. And beyond entertainment, numerous studies have proven that music can inspire action and actually impact change. Retailers have used music to drive shoppers to higher price points and casinos have played music …

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